Cook Like Chef Thomas McNaughton

It's time to put down the remote and unplug from the Food Network and put those culinary skills to use.

Chef Thomas McNaughton of Flour + Water fame is taking the time out of his busy schedule, which involves occasionally having to turn Steve Jobs away, to teach you and me how to cool.

Flour + Water will be hosting its first pasta-making class with McNaughton for 10 lucky wannabe chefs.

McNaughton will walk students through how to mix, hand-roll, cut and shape pasta. By the end of the class participants will know how to make Ricotta Cappelletti and Agnolotti dal plin right off the Flour + Water menu.

The class costs $150 to attend and it is only open to 10 people. At the end of the session, there will also be a sit-down, family style dinner.

To join the class, call 415-826-7000 or email events[at]

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