Councilman Calling for Feds to Take Control of Oakland Police Department

The police department in the past week has seen three different chiefs.

At least one Oakland city leader is calling for the feds to take over the investigation into the police department's growing sex scandal.

The police department in the past week has seen three different chiefs.

Chief Sean When resigned last Thursday. And on Wednesday, his replacement, Ben Fairow, was fired for having an affair more than a decade ago.

Paul Figueroa is now serving as the acting chief for the department.

"At the top they failed us," said Jim Chanin, a civil rights attorney. "They have failed us and we're looking around for people who will be successful and move us forward."

Chanin said he is in close contact with the federal monitor as the city deal with a widening sex scandal involving a teenage girl who claims she had sex with more than a dozen Oakland police officers, some while she was underage.

"We're taking this investigation where it goes and whoever is cuplable is going to have to leave or be suspended," Chanin said.

The shakeup at OPD was followed by the Alameda County District Attorney's Office announcing late Wednesday it placed DA inspector and former Oakland police commander Rick Orozco on administrative leave in connection with the sex scandal.

The young woman at the heart of the case said late last year Orozco sent her a message on social media containing a sexual innuendo. The woman also said he asked her out to dinner when she was just 17 years old.

"For me to hear this morning who it was and what happened, and seeing what he did I am completely disgusted," City Councilman Noel Gallo said.

Gallo said the shakeup is not over and more fallout is ahead. He believes it is time for the feds to take control of the police department.

"Based on where we are today and what I know, I think it may be time to have complete federal oversight," Gallo said.

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