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Daughter of BART Stabbing Victim Speaks Out

The victim's daughter said her father was always trying to help people, and that he was excited to meet his grandson.

A 49-year-old man who was stabbed to death on a BART train in South Hayward Tuesday afternoon was described by his daughter as “someone who always had his hand out for everybody.”

Oliver Williams, who went by the name Tyrone Hodges, was on a BART train when he attempted to stop another passenger, Jermaine Brim, from stealing a third passenger’s shoes. According to police, the men fought and during the struggle Brim managed to get a knife from Williams, which he used to stab him to death.

The victim’s daughter, Destiny Louis, is heartbroken. Louis is expecting a baby boy in December.

“He was excited to hear about his grandson coming in December,” she said. “Now I don’t have my dad here to see him, because he wanted to help somebody.”

“He was never the type of person to be the aggressor, I don’t understand how this happened,” said Louis.

Police arrested Brim after the deadly stabbing when they got multiple calls about a man matching his description attempting to steal cars. Brim appeared in court Thursday charged with murder and carjacking.

Investigators said he walked away from San Leandro hospital before boarding that BART train. He was also facing criminal charges in San Francisco where he had been released pending a hearing.

Brim is currently being held without bail.

But Williams’s grieving daughter still wants to know why nobody helped her father.

“I feel he could have had more help,” she said.

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