Dead or Alive, Bin Laden Can Hurt Your PC

Osama bin Laden may be dead but cyber terrorists are not.

News of the Al Qaeda leader's death has pushed thousands to the Internet to read and digest whatever they can about the actions that led to the elimination of the world's most wanted man.

While videos related to bin Laden's death are already going viral, online scammers are taking the opportunity to take out your computer, or steal vital information.

Malware related to bin Laden's death began surfacing on the web within hours of President Barack Obama's announcement Sunday evening.

"Osama bin laden dead" was already the most popular Google search item by Monday morning, according to Google Trends.

Cnet reports at least two domains were found serving up malware under the guise of anti virus software when doing a search for "Osama bin Laden body" on Google.

Several malware scams have also been reportedly surfacing on Facebook and Twitter.

There are also several photoshoped images that claim to be bin Laden's dead body showing up on Google searches. Some of them laced with malware as well.

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