Debris From Overpass Falls Onto I-880 in Oakland, Sparks Multi-Vehicle Crash

Interstate Highway 880 is open in both directions tonight after a multi-vehicle collision and heavy traffic caused by debris falling into the roadway during Monday evening's commute, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The incident was initially reported at 6:34 p.m. on southbound Highway 880 at 23rd Avenue when a sedan, a pickup truck and a third vehicle crashed and then pulled over to the shoulder.

The CHP has since said that at least six vehicles were involved in the collision, and some reports indicate there may have been as many as eight.

Two people were transported to hospitals with minor injuries, and a Cadillac involved in the collision caught fire, according to the CHP.

This all happened after roughly 100 yards of chain-link fencing and metal railing fell from the eastbound 23rd Avenue overpass, officers said.

At this time it's not entirely clear what caused the debris to fall, and personnel on the scene are investigating. The eastbound overpass itself has been shut down, according to the CHP, while the westbound lanes have since been reopened.

A Sig-alert was issued for both directions of the highway at 6:44 p.m., and it was cancelled at 10:10 p.m. At one point traffic was backed up all the way to Interstate Highway 980, according to the CHP.

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