Design Doc Shows iPhone 5 Has Same iPhone 4 Body, Larger Screen

It's mid-March and the "leaks" from China are coming out swinging harder with every day that passes. A new design document allegedly shows that the iPhone 5 will be a smaller update and not a complete redesign.

Collectively, we're putting together all the pieces to the iPhone 5 and it's not looking like a huge change. As we're starting to think ourselves, it looks like the iPhone 5 will share the same body as the iPhone 4 but its screen will grow larger to that 4-inch edge-to-edge Retina Display we've been hearing about.


Bummer. Those hoping for a complete reengineering to solve the death grip or death hug might end up disappointed. Guess we'll have to wait till Apple announces the iPhone 5 before we officially put our frowny faces on.

iDealsChina, via MacRumors

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