San Francisco

San Francisco's Salesforce Tower Lights Up as the Flaming ‘Eye of Sauron' on Halloween

OK, Salesforce Tower. We see you.

The high-rise that scales the upper reaches of San Francisco's skyline on Halloween night featured flames from its LED projectors, instantly grabbing the attention of city dwellers and setting social media on fire.

The image appears to be the "Eye of Sauron" from the popular Lord of the Rings series. Fans of the series launched an online petition asking Salesforce to turn the tower into the Eye of Sauron on Halloween night. The petition, created by "The Fellowship," garnered more than 11,000 signatures.

And it looks like Salesforce did more than notice.

A Salesforce Twitter account tweeted late Wednesday:"You asked, we listened. #EyeOfSauron #EyeOfSF."

Take a look at how folks are reacting to the so-called #EyeOfSF:

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