Stephen Ellison

Dozens of Flights Canceled, Delayed at SFO Due to Construction

San Francisco International Airport on Sunday endured dozens of flight cancellations and delays because of an ongoing runway construction project, according to airport officials.

The Bay Area's largest airport reported 80 canceled flights and 108 delays due to the repaving and upgrade of Runway 28L, officials said.

The backlog left some passengers stranded at the airport overnight. Jackie Wiseman and her friends had been trying to get home to Eugene, Oregon, since Saturday night.

"We landed last night at 11 p.m.," Wiseman said Sunday. "Waited here until 7 a.m., out by 11."

It meant sleeping at the airport, then three hours at a hotel, then back to the airport ... for more delays.

"It was delayed four hours," passenger Danielle Soben said. "Then we couldn't get a flight until 24 hours later."

The construction schedule calls for the runway to be shut down on nine weekends through June 9, with the exception of Memorial Day, airport officials said. The closures began on March 31. The closures typically occur between 6 p.m. Friday until noon Monday but are subject to change, the airport said.

Runway 28L, which is used primarily for arriving flights, is getting a fresh coat of pavement as well as new LED centerline lights, the airport said.

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