San Francisco

Drones Featured in San Francisco Flying Robot International Film Festival

Drones hit the red carpet at the first Flying Robot International Film Festival held Thursday in San Francisco.

The festival highlights how drones are opening doors for artists and humanitarians. The machines are helping breath-taking shots more affordable for filmmakers.

"It's a tool to tell a story in a cinematic way," said Christopher Saad, aerial cinematographer. "Before you had to rent a helicopter and get aerial shots."

Drones are also helping to monitor land preservation, testing water quality and even flying into war zones.

Humanitarian groups like the Syria Airlift Project are hoping to use drones to deliver life-saving supplies.

Drones have also been the subject of controversy. The Federal Aviation Administration is still developing rules for drone use.

Last week, a drone brought the ferris wheel in Seattle to a stand still when it hit the ride. Firefighters have also grounded air drops because of drone sightings and pilots are concerned about the devices hovering around airports.

Right now, commercial aerial cinematographers must have a pilots license to fly.

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