Dropbox Leases Giant SF Space

Pre-leasing giant, yet-to-be-built office space reveals Dropbox's expansion plans.

Dropbox is planning on sticking around. And on getting much, much bigger.

The file-sharing startup is furiously hiring new talent and signing leases on places to put that new talent -- in one case, leasing space that's not scheduled to be entirely built until 2015, according to Wired.

Co-foundders Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowski, who began the cloud-based file-sharing service in a North Beach apartment, have leased every floor of an under-construction 182,00-square foot office building, Business Insider reported.

That would nearly double the company's office space.

Dropbox is cleaning up: it's valued at $10 billion after it secured $250 million in venture funding, which puts it in territory occupied by the likes of Twitter and Salesforce, Wired said.

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