Drunken Tweets Go Viral for World's Best Job

Sonoma County winery looks for social-networking guru

Tweeting and drinking go hand in hand. But the prospect of actually getting paid $10,000 a month to do the two has some people acting the fool.

Last month Sonoma County winery Murphy-Goode began searching for the perfect person to become its Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent.

What exactly does a Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent do? He or she drinks lots of wine and tweets about it while living in a private wine country villa of course.

The position was quickly dubbed the world's greatest job by media outlets and drunkards everywhere. Murphy-Goode received hundreds of applications by its June 5 deadline. The job starts Aug. 1 and runs for six months.

Applicants range from the mentally instable to political henchman. Our friends at CNBC got their hands on some of the video resumes and we share of our favorites below. Let us know who you like and why.     

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