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Dublin Residents, Business Urged to Close Windows to Block Odor Amid Sewer Main Repair

Dublin residents are asked to keep their windows closed on Thursday to block out a plastic smell that is expected during sewer repair work along Village Parkway.

The Dublin San Ramon Services District said it is rehabilitating a sewer pipeline from Dublin to a wastewater treatment plant in Pleasanton. 

The district says the odor emanates from styrene resin in the pipe liner being installed in the sewer.

It is not considered hazardous so closing windows has more to do with preventing the smell, detectable at low concentrations, from taking over homes and businesses.

Work in residential areas will be completed during the day to reduce noise. In commercial parts of the city, however, crews will be working around the clock so as to complete the project as early as possible.

Work that will entail blocking intersections and driveways will be done at night to reduce traffic impacts, the district said.

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