New Dublin Water Park to Open in Time for Summer

Get your bathing suit and sunscreen ready. The Bay Area is getting a new water park.

The City of Dublin is slated to open The Wave, a roughly 31,000 square foot facility complete with several pools and slides, on May 27, according to Dublin Management Analyst Shari Jackman and the East Bay city.

The water park, which is located at Emerald Glen Park, will feature an indoor pool for lap swimming, an outdoor pool for swim team and water polo use, a splash area with drop buckets and small slides for youngsters, and a 48-foot tall waterslide tower with a total of six water slides, Jackman said. The park will also include picnic areas, cabanas and a community room.

EG Indoor Pool
City of Dublin
Indoor pool at the Emerald Glen Recreation and Aquatic Complex. (March 21, 2017)

Lap swimmers and exercise aficionados will be able to enjoy the indoor pool year-round, according to Jackman. The water park will only be open to the public during the summertime.

Construction for the facility began in March 2015 at a time when California was suffering through a historic drought. Filling a water park with thousands of gallons of water drew criticism from some residents, but Jackman assures that the city is committed to conserving water.

"We are extremely water conscious," she said.

EG Outdoor Play Area
Outdoor view of Emerald Glen Recreation and Aquatic Complex. (March 21, 2017)

Jackman added that 91 percent of facilities in Dublin use recycled water, the highest mark for any city in the Golden State.

The East Bay city decided to construct the park to replace the aging Dublin Swim Center, according to the city. A total of $36 million from development fees has been used to fund the project. Roughly $3 million of that total was taken from Dublin's general fund.

Tickets to enter the park range anywhere from $11 to $17 depending on age and residency, according to the city.

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