Dude, Where's My Pot?

Since when do the cops give anybody pot? Since a judge orders them to, that's when.

A Tulare County man who was recently acquitted of marijuana charges will get all his pot back from authorities.

Richard Daleman, 61, was found not guilty of growing and selling marijuana in a trial that ended in March. At the time, Tulare County Superior Court Judge Darryl Ferguson ruled that authorities should return just six of the 12 pounds that were confiscated when he was arrested by sheriff's deputies in December.

But Daleman argued that his doctor's recommendation said he could possess six "processed pounds," excluding the parts of the plant he doesn't use.

In a decision Wednesday, Ferguson gave the green light for all 12 pounds of the marijuana be returned to Daleman, saying all of it was "reasonably related" to his medical needs.

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