Community Concerned About FBI, DA Investigation Into Antioch, Pittsburg Police Officers

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An FBI and Contra Costa District Attorney investigation into several Antioch and Pittsburg police officers now has the community wondering about the effect it could all have on public safety.

“If the FBI is investigating, it’s generally very serious, I would like to know has anyone been charged, has anyone been arrested, has anyone been detained? And I can’t get these answers,” said Antioch Mayor Pro Tem Mike Barbanica. 

Barbanica is also a retired lieutenant with the Pittsburg Police Department. 

“It’s disheartening to me to see the agencies going through this,” said Barbanica.

The Pittsburg Police Department confirmed three officers are now on leave pending the outcome of the DA's investigation.

The department also confirms it asked the district attorney last September after receiving reports of several officers involved in illegal activities.

Antioch police have not confirmed how many of their officers are under investigation.

The district attorney’s office said the case involves a broad range of offenses involving crimes of “moral turpitude.”

Barbanica said he’s concerned about the impact on staffing at the Antioch Police Department. 

“We have a staffing level right now of 102 officers; which we should be at 115,” said Barbanica. “I have very limited information, I do have faith in the men and women of the Antioch Police Department and they have my support that they’re going to continue to police the city,” said Barbanica.

He said it remains to be seen whether the investigation into officers from both departments will compromise active and closed cases.  

NBC Bay Area reached out to the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office and the FBI and both offices said they could not release specific details or any officer names yet because the matter is still under investigation.

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