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Concord High School Mascot Change Sparks Debate

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An East Bay school’s decision to change its mascot is sparking big debate, and some outrage, among people in Contra Costa County.

The mascot at Concord High School is named Minutemen and the superintendent said there’s a lot of history behind the changes.

“The minuteman symbol is a gentleman standing with the rifle so we don’t want guns on our campus or images of guns,” said Superintendent Adam Clark.

But a recent community survey asking people to vote on a new mascot  has triggered a lot of discussion in the community.

“A couple kids on the baseball team said ‘cows’ and I don’t know if it’s a joke, I’m not sure if it’s a possibility.,” said baseball coach Thomas Parisi. 

Others don't want to discuss the new name. They want to know why the school wants to get rid of the old one.

“It’s part of history, glad they fought for us and we’re not a British colony thankful for the United States,” said grandparent John Eklund. 

Concord high isn't the only school making changes.

At nearby Ygnacio Valley High School, the Indian Warrior mascot is no longer on the school signs.

Last month, the district board voted to switch the Warriors for the Wolves.  

Though the old, and some say culturally-insensitive symbol, is still on some paperwork that will be replaced soon.

Superintendent Dr. Adam Clark says about seven years ago, the state directed schools to replace Native American mascots, and last year the district board voted to replace any human mascots to non-human mascots.

“I think students want to move to something just a little bit more peaceful and a little bit more reflective of them and something they can relate to,” he said.

Picking a new name will ultimately involve public hearings and a district vote.

Until then, the debate continues and the Minuteman stands at attention at Concord High.

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