East Bay Family's Pride Flags Placed in Honor of Late Daughter Stolen Twice

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Rainbow flags are flying high in celebration of Pride Month as a number of cities play tribute to diversity. However, one mother in the East Bay got it stolen -- not once but twice.

The flags in front of Christine Horley’s home in Walnut Creek are placed in honor of her daughter Aisha. 

“My daughter committed suicide at the beginning of last year, in her belongings I found a Pride flag,” Horley said. “After finding her flag in her belongings, I flew it outside starting last year in honor of her.  felt it was in support of who she was, she identified as bi-sexual.”

That flag was a staple outside her home for months, but last month it was stolen. She posted about it on social media and got an outpouring of support.

“Over the next couple of days I had neighbors drop three flags on my front porch,” she said. 

She immediately put them all up, only to get a second one stolen the day before pride month started.

“The first one was hard to lose because of the sentimental value, the second one was hard to lose because it felt much more deliberate,” said Horley.

So deliberate that her 29-year-old daughter and her friends decided to make a statement. They painted her fence the colors of the rainbow flag.

“My daughter says no one can steal this if they do, it’s going to be a lot harder to take,” said Horley.

Laura Halpin bought a flag to replace the ones that were stolen.

“Whenever there’s an assertion of difference or a celebration of difference I feel like there’s retaliation or smackdown that everybody should be the same,” said the neighbor. 

Horley said her daughter celebrated awareness and helped others who are struggling with their sexuality.

Now she hopes her flags are secure and she’s watching.

“To me it is being able to show that support and not have that silenced,” said Horley.

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