Man Tries to Run Over Sister at Mother's Funeral in Richmond

No one was seriously injured, but police say incident caused about $20,000 in damages

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What started as a burial for a loved one in a Contra Costa County cemetery, ended in a family feud that involved a man trying to run down his own sister and flooding a funeral plot.

The incident happened at Rolling Hills Memorial Park in Richmond on Saturday around 1p.m. in what was supposed to be a celebration for the family's mother.

“A family member brought a stun gun to the services because of long-standing family issues,” said Sergeant Aaron Pomeroy of the Richmond police Department.

He has been on the job for years but said he’s never seen anything like what happened this weekend.

They were there to bury the family matriarch, but police say a feud between a brother and sister led to punches being thrown and much more.

“One of the family members tried to run over his sister with the vehicle,” said Pomeroy. 

He missed his sister, but hit another relative, and a water main. Causing the flooding of another empty plot.

No one was seriously injured, but police say it left behind about $20,000 in damages.

“He drove over some headstones, damaged some headstones, severed a water main, caused flooding in the area before they could shut the water off,” said Pomeroy.

The manager of Rolling Hills, Kamilah Thompson, said it was a “bizarre incident” and not anything the cemetery would tolerate. 

She wants to make sure people know this remains a safe place for families to respectfully reflect, and mourn.

“Do not worry at all, your loved ones interned here are very safe and our staff is here to assist any of the families,” said Thompson.  

She also said any damages to gravesites will be covered by the cemetery.

The county district attorney will decide if the brother responsible for the damages will face criminal charges. 

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