Piedmont Neighborhood ‘Shocked' After Vandal Targets BLM Signs

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Several people in a Piedmont neighborhood say they’re disturbed and disappointed after a vandal targeted Black Lives Matter signs more than a half a dozen times recently. 

“We were very shocked and sickened actually,” said Amy Morrell, who in late August discovered her handmade Black Lives matter sign had been vandalized. 

“The black was spray painted off,” she said. “The word “black” was spray painted in black paint.” Morrell’s surveillance camera captured the man in the act sneaking onto her porch and defacing the poster.

“He took a lot of steps to get his point across which is he doesn’t believe Black Lives Matter,” Morrell said. 

Since then, the man has struck in other parts of the neighborhood, each time painting over the signs in the same way. 

“We’re trying to do the right thing and you’d think in a liberal community like Piedmont this wouldn’t happen, it’s sad,” said Mimi Vonkugelgen.

She has had four signs destroyed, and says it’s hurtful. 

“People have a right to have an opinion. You shouldn’t change or deface someone’s right to have an opinion.” 

Mike Cvet has been hit multiple times as well, he’s now coating his signs with a protective sealant and he’s got a box of replacements. 

“This is an extremely ignorant act of vandalism,” said Cvet. “Folks here say they won’t let the vandal silence them. It’s unfortunate but it’s not going to stop us from showing this message to everyone who walks by.” 

Neighbors continue showing their creativity, and there’s no shortage of Black Lives Matter signs. 

“He can come back as many times as he wants. I have a buttload of poster boards and paint and I’m going to continue to make the signs,” said Morrell. “I would say to them to look deep within themselves and to address their racism.”

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