Pittsburg Community Demands Action After Student Wore KKK Costume at School

A protest is planned Monday at Pittsburg High School after a photo surfaced of a student wearing the costume on campus

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Emotions are still running high at Pittsburg High School days after a photo surfaced of a student wearing a KKK costume at the Contra Costa County school.

Many now want to know what happens next, while others are demanding action. An on-campus protest is also scheduled for Monday during school hours.

"This is bothering me to the core," said Brenda, who has a granddaughter attending Pittsburg High.

Brenda is in disbelief of what happened and spoke with school officials on Friday to demand action.

"Somebody needs to do something about what's going on in this school," she said.

Pittsburg High School Principal Todd Whitmire issued a statement on Thursday saying the student has been assigned consequences for his actions and will also participate in the school's restorative justice process to learn how his actions have impacted and harmed others. Four other students seen in the controversial photo will also have to participate.

So what does the restorative justice process look like? And is it enough?

Senior student Heaven Meadows says yes. She is not only involved in the program, but is a product of it too.

Meadows got into the program because her grades were bad.

"Ever since I was in the program my grades bounced up and I've been mediating ever since freshman year," she said.

Meadows adds the program is powerful and she believes it can have a positive effect for the students in the photo.

"It's changing people, it changed me," she said. "If it could change me, it could change anybody."

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