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Stormy Weekend Weather Causes East Bay Roadside Trail to Collapse

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A major road between Pleasanton and Livermore closed Monday after a roadside trail collapsed in the weekend’s stormy weather.

Those who use the pedestrian path along Stanley Boulevard were getting a big surprise after the trail collapsed into Shadow Hills Lake Sunday.

“We’re just out for a little stroll here on our bikes and then just saw this and I’m shocked, absolutely shocked,” said cyclist Laurie Rea.

The relentless rain we’ve been seeing for weeks now is definitely taking its toll on roads and trails. While parts of the Bay Area got more rain Tuesday, most of the region got a respite -- giving public works crews a chance to shore up sliding hillsides and prepare for the next big round of rain set to roll in. 

“Our crews are busy today cleaning storm drains, catch basins, roadside ditches, maintaining and monitoring our flood control channels, and doing other preparations for the upcoming storms,” said Kelly Kalfsbeek of Contra Costa Public Works. 

Contra Costa County public works says don’t let this break in the rain fool you, we’ve got more wet weather on tap and they say everyone needs to gear up. 

“Please take precautions to make sure you’re prepared before the storm arrives,” said Kalfsbeek. “That includes making sure you have batteries and you’re prepared in case we should lose power as well.”

Paul Carroll, 84, is enjoying the brief bit of sunshine. But like most, he wishes we had more time to dry out. 

“I know we need the rain but it’s too bad we’re getting it all at once so to speak,” he said.

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