Election Day Fashion Do’s and Don’ts


The politicians running for office will be dressed to the nines Tuesday night but what should you, would be voter, wear to the polls?

It doesn't matter, you think. Wrong. There are very specific fashion do's and don'ts when it comes to Election Day fashion.

These are not arbitrary rules like not wearing white after Labor day, although wearing white to the polling booth may not be the best of ideas. And these aren't as obvious as not smoking in front of a public building. Remember don't light up within 20 feet of the main exit at your local polling station.

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But there are actual laws made up by some of the very people that you and I helped elect into office years ago about what we can and cannot wear as we participate in Democracy.

One freedom of speech right not protected by the First Amendment is our ability to flaunt our favorite politician -- who happens to be running for political office in Tuesday's election -- on our sleeve.

Unfortunately that doesn't mean you should run to your closet and rip out your favorite "Legalize Marijuana" T-shirt either. Chances are that will get you in trouble.

In fact any campaign shirt, button or sticker is a big, gigantic faux pas on Election Tuesday at the polling booth.

You can't even pass out fliers for your favorite political cause within 100 feet of a polling station. You can't even ask someone who they voted for once you enter 25-feet within the booth.

In case you forget the fashion do's and dont's, there will be a friendly political fashionista on hand to remind you to cover up your "Go Gavin" T-shirt.

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