San Jose

Mandated Election Recounts Begin For 10 Races in Santa Clara County

Election workers in Santa Clara County on Monday began official recounts for 10 races, the most recounts from one election in county history.

One recount is for the Los Altos City Council race, in which Lynette Lee Eng is leading Neysa Fligor by just six votes.

The recounts were mandated by a pilot program approved by county supervisors.

"The Board of Supervisors felt strongly in close contests we needed to recount ballots," said Philip Chantri, spokesman for the county Registrar of Voters office. "So starting in June, any race that is within one-half of one percent, or fewer than 25 votes, there must be a recount."

Close races for Santa Clara police chief, San Jose City Council District 8 and Cupertino Union School District board are among others being recounted. Also qualifying for recounts are Gilroy and Palo Alto school board races and Gilroy and Monte Sereno council races.

It's another layer of scrutiny some voters appreciate.

"It's all legit," said Manuel Reyes of San Jose. "You can't fake voting."

Beyond the tedious recount, the election results are also certified.

"There are audits that are done to check signatures from vote-by-mail envelopes," Chantri said. "And we make sure the ballots that are returned are checked with those issued so it does add up."

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