Facebook Received 250,000 Resumes

Those who want to work for Facebook better be prepared to eat, breathe and live Facebook, according to recruiters. And at least 250,000 people in 2010 decided they wanted to try when they sent the social network their resumes.

But if you want a job there, you should forget about a work-life balance.  "I eat, sleep, and breathe Facebook...however, this is entirely by choice...most people love their jobs and choose to work long hours," one Facebook employee told employer branding company Universum in the International Business Times.

Recruiters say that prospective employees better be passionate and informed about the company to get past an interview. "People form the very core of what Facebook does and represents; as an organization, it expects every employee to be an impassioned ambassador of its mission and values," Universum concluded.

So, judging by lack of work-life balance and passionate devotion -- Facebook is looking for people who are single (and likely to stay that way) and not close to their family, essentially introverted workaholics. My guess is that most of its workers are under 30 and will hit burnout in a few years, less if they get a significant other or family emergency.

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