Facebook Unveils Its New Digs

Palo Alto company opens up the doors to its new campus

Telemundo San Antonio

Facebook moved into their new headquarters recently, a lovely-looking office in Stanford designed by Studio A + O. The design process sounds appropriately thoughtful (and expensive): lots of consultation with employees to find out what exactly they needed.

One of the key design concepts was retaining the organic growth of Facebook's offices.

Previously, they occupied distant offices, and so each department developed different styles and cultures. The new 150,000 square-foot office space retains this parochial nature, delineating offices almost like neighborhoods.

PSFK breaks down the thought process behind the design:

The design takes its inspiration from the patchwork nature of Facebook users and employees, bringing together seemingly disparate elements to form a cohesive pattern and using color and interior spacing to create neighborhoods within the open plan space. The company’s executives sit in central areas, accessible to all employees. Large lounges and open spaces provide venues for the community to come together. A kitchen and café continue Facebook’s tradition of providing gourmet meals to staff at all hours, while drinks and snacks are available at micro-kitchens throughout the headquarters.

Of course the company used Facebook to conduct employee polls about what the office should look like and what it should have. Employees are also encouraged to write on office walls, a la Facebook profiles.

SF Curbs contributed to this story.

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