Solano County

Fairfield Suspect Arrested for Heroin, Xanax, Cocaine, Firearms

The Fairfield Police Department’s Special Operations Team has arrested a suspect on narcotics and weapons charges after discovering illegal substances intended for sale and firearms at his residence, police said.

Perry Hughes was booked into Solano County Jail Tuesday after investigators served a search warrant at his Fairfield home and located heroin, Xanax tablets, cocaine, an assault rifle, three semiautomatic handguns, extended handgun and rifle magazines and a silencer, authorities confirmed. Investigators were able to initially obtain the warrant after receiving information that Hughes was selling narcotics.

Fairfield Police want the public to know that violent crimes in neighborhoods such as robberies, assaults and shootings are often the result of illegal narcotics sales. Officials ask that anyone with knowledge of this type of activity contact the Fairfield Police Department.

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