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Family Desperate to Find Missing SF Husband and Father

48-year-old Uber driver hasn't been seen since Mother's Day, but his vehicle was found abandoned, stripped

A San Francisco family is desperate for word about a missing husband and father who vanished on Mother's Day.

Piseth Chhay, a 48-year-old Uber driver has been missing for more than a week. His car was found Friday night, police said, but not his keys. And his wife said his phone is turned off.

Even as police have little to go on in their search for Chhay, his wife, Rattana Kim, keeps telling her two boys their dad is coming home.

"Especially when your sons ask you in the morning, at bedtime, when you pick them up at school," Kim said, "you have to find a way to answer them without hurting them."

Police found Chhay's Mercedes Benz parked in the city's Bayview neighborhood, stripped.

"It means my husband didn't leave on his own," Kim said. "My husband wouldn't abandon his car in that area."

Workers on Ingalls Street said the SUV was parked there for several days. Chhay's family posted fliers in the area, hoping someone knows what happened to him.

"I know he's out there," Kim said. "He wants to come home, but he can't."

Though he was not working on the day he disappeared, the Uber driver told a relative that a customer had left a phone in his vehicle, and he wanted to return it.

While the family holds on to hope, police are processing the vehicle, looking for evidence that might tell them what happened.

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