Christie Smith

Family of Missing Man Pleads for Barriers Near Devil's Slide

The family of Richard Moss on Saturday clamored for the installation of traffic barriers near Devil's Slide along Highway 1 — the last known location of the missing 22-year-old man who disappeared in May.

A wheel belonging to Moss' car was recently found on the side of a cliff next to Highway 1, meaning that he most likely drove off a portion of the coastal roadway near Pacifica and plummeted into the ocean.

That revelation prompted Dan Moss, Richard's father, and supporters to hold signs along the coast Saturday urging Caltrans to improve safety in the area.

"We want those temporary barriers put up immediately from the north end of Montara Beach where it's straight all the way up to the tunnel," Dan Moss said.

A berm, low brick and some portions of railing line Highway 1 near the Devil's Slide area. Caltrans did send a team to the area under scrutiny to conduct a review this week. That team examined the geology to figure out an appropriate course of action when it comes to possibly installing improved safety measures.

Between 2005 and 2015, at least three cars left the road in the area of Devil's Slide, according to Caltrans.

While Caltrans continues to investigate the area and craft a fix, Dan Moss is left to think about what happened to his son and ponder what he can do to improve safety for drivers nativating along the ocean.

"[Richard] could have been distracted," Dan Moss said. "He could have changed the nob on the radio. We could have dropped his soda. I don't know, could have been anything. We'll never know the answer to that question, but we do know that if a barrier was up, he would be alive."

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