Rally for South Bay Father Detained by ICE Call for his Release

Peaceful protesters gathered outside of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in San Francisco on Friday to stand for Fernando Carrillo, a father who was detained by immigration officials late last year.

Carrillo was dropping off his 4-year-old daughter for daycare when he was pulled over by ICE. He remains detained and is in West County in Richmond.

“It’s been a nightmare physically, emotionally [and] financially,” Carrillo’s wife, Lourdes Barazza said.

She, along with her family, stood outside of the ICE office in San Francisco calling for her husband’s release.

“My children are suffering, my family is suffering and it’s not fair,” Barazza said. “You need to let [him] come home. You want them to be here legally, give them a chance to come home and fight it.”

The topic of immigration has brought much controversy. Harmeet Dhillon is a Republican National Committeewoman from California and she says that while these are tragic situations for families, she believes increased enforcement is related to California’s sanctuary state policy and says it underscores the need for reform.

“The democratic party wants all of their demands met without any compromise,” Dhillon said. “That’s not how politics works. I hope a compromise is reached, I hope people who are here without a fault of their own can be accommodated in some way, not necessarily citizenship. I hope we close our borders and monitor them so that our country is kept safe.”

Meanwhile, ICE says Carrillo was deported to Mexico three times and has convictions including a driving under the influence and possessing a fraudulent identification card. He remains in ICE custody while immigration court proceedings are ongoing.

His family continues to fight for his release.

“You see all these people saying fix the papers do it the right way it’s easy it’s not as easy as that,” Barazza said.

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