Family Remembers Belmont Teen Who Was Shot and Killed

Friends and family came together Friday to remember Belmont senior Mohammad Othman who was shot and killed Monday in front of Central Elementary School.

“He had the softest heart always had baby face never shied away from a challenge strongest moral person,” friend Muath Nofao said. 

During the funeral services, friends and family members remembered the football player as being kind and a best friend.

“He was the life of the party I want everyone to remember good memories he was my brother my best friend,” friend Bilal El Bakri said. “He was a fun guy I'm gonna miss him.”

The family of Othman said they were looking forward to attending his graduation in June, but are now attending his funeral instead. 

Belmont police are still searching for the suspect as family members say they remain with unaswered questions.

“That's the hardest part extra layer of sadness for us burying him today without knowing how did he leave this world.” Othman's cousin Iyad Afalqa said. 

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