February Is Adopt a Rabbit Month

I never quite understood why people who don't live on a farm would ever want a rabbit as an indoor pet. Nevertheless, The Examiner reminds us that February is “Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month.”

If you just don't want to be another person with a boring old dog or cat, you can head down to your local animal shelter and adopt a bunny.

After dogs and cats, rabbits are the most euthanized animal in the United States. So if you think maybe you'd want a pair, this can help save lives.

Of course it is advised you get your wabbit spayed or neutered and be sure you know what you're getting into.

One good place to check out pet rabbits is the Pet Awareness and Welfare Society for San Jose Animal Care Center. For more details on them visit their website at www.paws4sjacs.org or give them a call at 877-729-7475.

If you'd like to help but don't necessarily want a long-eared varmint pooping and chewing up your apartment, you can still donate time or money. Visit www.rabbit.org for more information.

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