Fire Kills Two in San Leandro Trailer

An early morning fire killed two people Wednesday, including an elderly woman living in a San Leandro trailer.

A neighbor told NBC Bay Area she did everything she could to get the woman out, but she was unsuccessful.

“I broke the window, but I couldn’t get her out,” said Mildred Ortiz, who added that her neighbor, an elderly woman, was killed during the 3:35 a.m. fire in the 1400 block of Grand Avenue off Interstate 580. “There was no way. There was just too much smoke.”

At first, Alameda County firefighters thought only the elderly woman had died. But, just before 7 a.m., Battalion Chief Chuck Palmer said crews found a second body inside the trailer under a pile a debris. That person's gender and identity was not immediately released.

Earlier, Ortiz showed NBC Bay Area her neighbor's trailer, which was damaged by the blaze and had a pile of garbage and debris nearby.

Ortiz and other neighbors smelled smoke and yelled to the older woman to see if she was OK, and she responded "No."

The door to the trailer was locked, neighbors said, and they couldn't rescue the woman in time. Her trailer had become engulfed in smoke.

The Alameda County Fire Department hasn't yet determined the cause of the one-alarm fire.

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