‘Flintstones House' Owner Files Counter Suit Citing Discrimination

The owner of the iconic Flintstones House in Hillsborough filed a counter suit against the town accusing city officials of discrimination.

Almost as soon as the town of Hillsborough filed suit against Florence Fang, they Bay Area media mogul held a news conference at the infamous home and promised to fight back.

The 20-page suit names two town officials saying one in particular "has history of animus toward individuals of Asian origin or ancestry and/or not of the Caucasian race."

When Fang purchased the Flintstones House, she added some flair to the backyard, including massive dinosaur statues and other decorations to go with the modern stone age family theme of the Flintstones town of Bedrock.

Attorney Angela Alioto said it’s unfair of the town of Hillsborough to order her client to take down those pieces of art.

"This house gives nothing but joy," she said. "However, it doesn’t fit in the elitist Hillsborough book of what we should have in Hillsborough. And as a consequence, this lawsuit is going to probably change many of their ordinances."

Alioto will argue that Hillsborough’s ordinances are unconstitutional and said that the way some town officials enforced the rules was discriminatory.

"It’s absolutely vague and ambiguous and punitive, as to Mrs. Fang," she said. "And we firmly believe it is because she is Chinese."

NBC Bay Area attempted to reach the official accused in Fang’s suit but have not heard back.

In March, the town of Hillsborough filed a suit against Fang, ordering her to remove the dinosaurs and other decorations calling them "a public nuisance."

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