Freeze Away the Flab With the Venus Freeze

Get instant results from this non-invasive procedure

Looking to get firmer and tighter skin? Freeze away the flab with the Venus Freeze! Dr. Tess Mauricio was in the California Live studio to explain the benefits of the non-invasive and painless procedure. 

What is the Vensus Freeze? 

The Venus freeze is a non-invasive procedure that freezes fat.

"It works through multi-polar radio frequency and magnetic pulse so essentially when it is being applied on the skin it will shrink the skin," said Maurico. "So it instantly tightens your skin with no down time and no pain."

The freeze helps with contouring, wrinkle reduction, treating cellulite and the shrinking of pores. The freeze can treat the face, neck and the rest of your body. 

Who should get this procedure?

The procedure is great for everyone but millennials seem to love it. Mauricio said millennials love it the procedure as it is preventive care and more millennials are doing preventive care over traditional plastic surgery.

Hannah Joya, one of Mauricio's patients agrees and said preventive care is the only types of procedures she will consider at this stage in her life. 

"I am a millennial and I love the whole aspect of preventive care," said Joya. "We as millennials love the fact we are given this knowledge to prevent aging which is what we all fear." 

How long does it last?  

The initial effects are instant but the effects are also long term as the freeze stimulates collagen. 

"You will get an instant tightening because there is some heating with it," said Maurcio. "Then over time the process really builds new collagen. So that's why the quality, texture, tightness and firmness improves. Even the appearance of cellulite is improves."

Joya said she fell in love with the instant results of the Venus Freeze. 

"I love it," said Joya. "It saves so much time with contouring."

How often should I get it done?

Maurico said the best way to do the treatment over the course of multiple months with a treatment once a month. 

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