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Frustrated San Jose Neighbors Wait Days For Mail Delivery

Hundreds of people in one South Bay neighborhood are frustrated because they said they hadn't received mail in several days, and delivery resumed Thursday only after they started asking questions.

The postal service said deliveries never stopped.

In the Ranches of Silver Creek community, people said their mailboxes were empty all week, until Thursday. The U.S. Postal Service had an explanation, but neighbors aren’t buying it.

Minh Dang’s email said a package was delivered to his mailbox Monday night. Dang said that never happened.

"I was home, outside, doing my lawn, washing my car, waiting for the package," Dang said. "But it’s showing delivered at 7:36. That’s a lie."

Dang’s neighbor told a similar story. Oriolindo Bettencor said not only did he not get mail, but also nobody picked up his outgoing mail.

"About a week ago or more, I put some mail in the box," Bettencor said. "It hasn’t been picked up, and it hasn’t been delivered."

A spokesperson with the U.S. Postal Service said Silver Creek’s regular carrier has been out all week with a personal emergency, and other carriers have been splitting the route. The postal service insisted mail was delivered, just later in the day than usual.

Bettencor doesn’t believe it.

When the mail finally showed up Thursday, residents were happy, but they still questioned what happened. Especially Dang, who’s still waiting.

"Somebody’s lying about it because there’s no thefts in this area," Dang said. "How could you tell me a package was delivered, when ... I don’t have no package."

Postal service officials said with fill-in carriers coming in from different city routes, they may have not hit every address. They say certainly, the majority of the 400 addresses on the route received mail.

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