Bay Area Furloughed Workers Remain Worried Over Temporary End to Government Shutdown

Furloughed workers can breathe a temporary sigh of relief after the president announced Friday the government will re-open for three weeks, but they wonder what will happen after those three weeks are over.

Maria Lazcon, an Internal Revenue Service worker watched the announcement from her home and heard the words she was waiting to hear.

“I’m happy that I’m going back to work on Monday,” Lazcon said.

After weeks without pay, Lazcon called creditors for help and her daughter eveb used her college financial aid to help her mother pay bills.

With bills piling up, Lazcon was faced with the possibility that she could lose her home.

“My husband and I have worked so hard to fulfil the American dream, our very own home,” Lazcon said.

After tFriday’s announcement she said she is hoping law makers can reach a more permanent deal.

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