Gavin Newsom: Your Acting Governor

Jerry Brown is on his very first trip out of state since taking over the job as Governor of California.

That means Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is technically and constitutionally in charge of the state.

Brown is only out of town for the day. He's in Las Vegas for a clean energy conference.

As for Newsom: he spent his day in his San Francisco office.

"The Lieutenant Governor takes his constitutional duties seriously and is prepared to work closely with Governor Brown to ensure consistent operations," read a statement issued by the Lt. Governor's office.

Several bloggers, including our own Kevin Riggs on Prop Zero, have pointed out that Brown did a lot more traveling during his first stint as governor.  They also noted that then Lt. Gov. Mike Curb tended to get himself into a bit of political trouble while in charge. Curb, a Republican, apparently took advantage of his power and made questionable executive actions, including appointing a judge.

Newsom is supposed to stick to task and keep quiet on his days at the helm.

 "If you’re expecting a Mike Curb moment, prepare to be profoundly disappointed," Francisco Castillo, Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications for the Lt. Gov said.

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