Get a Mommy Makeover Without Going Under the Knife

It's no secret when you have a baby your body changes. Many parents dread the "post baby pooch" and no matter how clean you eat or how much you work out, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of it.

Dr. Tess Mauricio was in the California Live studio to talk about a non-invasive technology that will get rid of that pouch and give you a mommy makeover without surgery.

"Think of it as a mommy makeover without a tummy tuck," said Mauricio. "The abdominal area is never going to be the same but we really can restore it." 

Mauricio said the procedure is a special combinations of technologies to create a full non invasive procedure.

First liposuction is used to remove and sculpt unwanted fat. Then immediately after, an applicator that delivers radio frequency is applied to tighten the skin.

"I describe this as saran wrapping the skin so you get this instant tightening of the skin," said Mauricio. "Then the heating develops new collagen overtime." 

This whole procedure can be done using local anesthetic so there is no pain. 

Mauricio said some of the pros of the procedure were little downtime, it's non-invasive, there is little to no scarring and can improve stretch marks. 

One of Mauricio's patients said she was so glad she decided to go with this procedure rather than get a tummy tuck. 

"I actually did a consult for a tummy tuck and I'm so glad I didn't because now there is technology to do it without going under the knife," said Lisa. 

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