Giants Players Sound Off On Bryan Stow Attackers

Jail term could be "step in the right direction."

The San Francisco Giants have something to say about the two Southern California men who pleaded guilty to the brutal attack that left fan Bryan Stow mentally-hindered for life.

And it isn't pleasant.

Earlier this week, Marin Norwood and Louis Sanchez were sentenced to four and eight years in prison for their roles in the 2011 beating outside of Dodger Stadium.

The jail terms are perhaps "a step in the right direction," according to Giants' third-base coach Tim Flannery, SFist reported.

Reliever Jeremy Affeldt, who's been to visit Stow, said that to "sit in a cell for four and eight years, it really doesn't make a lot of sense, and I hope that's what people start to see," SFist reported.

There was a brief risk that Norwood could already walk free, as he's been in custody for nearly the length of his sentence. However, weapons charges may see him go to prison for an additional decade, noted Major League Baseball.

A civil lawsuit against the Dodgers filed by the Stow family is pending.

It could cost as much as $34 million to give Stow the care he needs for the rest of his life.

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