Golf Ball Lands on Car Driving on South Bay Freeway

NBC Universal, Inc.

A man said he was startled and scared when a golf ball landed on his car while he was driving on a South Bay freeway.

Vladimir Dubrovsky told NBC Bay Area that he was driving on Highway 101 in Sunnyvale with his wife, when something hit his car.

They said they heard a boom. They later found out the boom turned out to be a golf ball, as the incident was captured on Dubrovsky's dash cam.

"We just got scared for a minute because it was loud," he said. "It was like a boom. So, we were not sure what was it. But I was OK. I looked at my wife and she was OK."

The wayward ball came from the Sunnyvale Municipal Golf Course. Dubrovsky's car was left with a big dent as a result.

Dubrovsky said that he called the golf course about the incident and he was told to submit a claim with the city of Sunnyvale.

Dubrovsky said that he is now working on getting an estimate to get it fixed, and he hopes the city and golf course will make changes so it doesn't happen again.

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