Google Barge to Sail to Stockton: Report

Say goodnight to the Google barge.

The tech giant's massive net-covered floating mystery in the San Francisco Bay will sail away and head to a new home port in Stockton, CNET reported.

The barge gained international attention when it was first noticed off of Treasure Island -- a focus that became only more intense as Google at first denied any involvement and refused to proffer information.

A company connected to Google had leased pier space from the Treasure Island Development Authority for the barge.

Treasure Island boss Mirian Saez told CNET that the barge -- which could become a floating showroom for Google Glass and other Google gadgets -- could sail away as early as next week.

That would be news to Stockton: officials there said they've yet to talk to Google.

CNET believes that the reason why Google would want to move inland is to get away not from media attention but from the law: the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, which earlier told Google to get a permit for the barge, move it, or start paying fines, has no jurisdiction in Stockton.

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