Google Close to Launching Google Music

Google Music has been a long time in the making, and it now appears that the streaming service is close to being ready for prime time. There's only one thing missing: the music.

Currently, the service is at the point where employees are being asked to use it and test it out, which is one of the last steps before something is released to the public. The one main missing element, however, is content from the major labels. This shouldn't be an insurmountable roadblock, however, as labels are very excited to have a major competitor to Apple's iTunes, and Google is just the ticket.

The service would allow users to stream tunes to their computers or any other web-connected device, either from Google's supply or from their own, which could be uploaded to Google's servers. So the whole thing would be cloud based, which would be a different approach from Apple's download model. Sounds interesting! Now they just need to get the labels on board and get this thing out there.


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