Google Is Still Learning Apple's Game

Search giant drums up the hype before the release of its new phone

Google may not be a big fan of Apple but it has no qualms about ripping a page out of Steve Jobs' book.

The search engine giant has scheduled a press conference on Jan. 5, where it is expected to formally unveil its new Nexus One phone, without the aid of Twitter. TMobile -- one of the companies that will get the phone -- confirmed an early January release date.

Google's announcement will come just hours before the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas. Something Apple did with the iPhone. The phone is also Google's first foray into selling hardware.

While Google attempts to use Apple's model to generate hype, the number of leaks shows the tech company either still has some kinks to work out or it simply likes the attention.

Early buzz might also suggest that Google is doing enough to steal CES' thunder. Some Google employees got their hands on the phone earlier this month and tweeted all about it, including leaking some pictures. Something Apple would never allow, of course.

Some are calling it the new "Jesus Phone" while one blogger who claims to have gotten his grubby little hands on the device wrote: "Google Phone = iPhone + a little extra screen and a scroll wheel. Great touch screen, and Android.”

We should find out next week.

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