Google's Schmidt Bullish on … Google

Taking the free-and-open approach will separate Google's products from the walled-garden approach that Apple uses, according to Eric Schmidt, Google's chairman.

Speaking at Le Web, Schmidt predicted that a majority of televisions will ship with Google TV by mid-year 2012.

A significant headwind, pointed out at, is that home-electronics manufacturers are producing their own internet-capable apps for their product line.

Another grand pronouncement was that the latest Android variant, Ice Cream Sandwich, will bypass Apple's iOS for developer engagement, not only closing the gap with Apple as to the number and quality of apps, but bypassing it, also in 2012.

When asked about the lead iOS has, Schmidt said, "What kind of lead? Android is ahead of the iPhone now -- by unit volume, with (Ice Cream Sandwich) features, prices are lower, with more vendors, more price points -- do I need to continue the list?" and then he continued with "It's free."

Finally, about Google+ ... it rocks and will continue to rock as Google rolls out more and more product and secondary access to it across the web (the +1 buttons, increased by an order of magnitude, we'd assume).

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