Donald Trump

GOP Supporters in California Not Worried About Trump's Slide

It's been a rough week for Donald Trump, and it continued Tuesday with a baby interrupting his speech at a rally in Virginia and President Barack Obama calling on Republicans to distance themselves from their party's nominee for the White House.

As polls showed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton taking a wider lead over Trump after her party's convention last week, GOP supporters from California believe it's still too early to be concerned. But they could only hope Trump's slide won't continue.

"Stop thinking about Hillary, stop thiinking about Obama and whoever Khan is, and start proposing solutions to America," former California GOP chairman Tom Del Beccaro said. "That’s how he’s going to win, not responding to their bait."

With his criticism of a Gold Star family and calling the latest polls phony, Trump seems to be reacting rather than initiating, Republicans say. And the latest polls show he’s lost a lead he had in mid-July. Now Clinton's lead appears to be widening.

Trump supporter James Lacy said he thinks Trump will do well, even in Democrat-dominated California.

"Well, you know, I think the polls are fluid right now," Lacy said.

A poll by the Public Policy Institute of California had Trump trailing by 9 to 10 points, but the agency's CEO said it's a little early to take any stock in those numbers, especially in California.

"I tend to start looking at the poll numbers more seriously around Labor Day," said Mark Baldassare of the PPIC.

He added that right now, Florida is the state to watch: "Yeah, I think Florida is huge."

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