The Bay Area is at the forefront of the Going Green movement.

From recycling to organic foods we like to feel good about how we treat the environment and how we treat our bodies. But what about those certain things we use to make ourselves feel good in the bedroom? Believe it or not, there's ways to turn up the heat without contributing to climate change.

And we're not just talking about turning down the lights. Yes, it's official: the Green Sex movement has arrived in the Bay Area.

"I'm a muni rider, I'm an organic food eater and I like my rechargeable vibes and my organic lube just as much," said Camilla Lombard who shops at Good Vibrations, an environmentally conscious adult store with locations in San Francisco and Berkeley.

From organic condoms to vegan lube, Good Vibrations is going green with sustainable sex toys.

"People will come in and say it is possible that I will consume some of that lube depending on what we are doing over the weekend I want to make sure it's vegan," said Dr. Carol Queen, a sexologist at Good Vibrations.

You can even re-charge your libido with a hand crank vibrator that uses elbow-grease instead of batteries to power up. And to make sure you're practicing safe-sex Good Vibrations only sells adult toys that don't contain phthalates, the same potentially toxic chemicals many parents try to avoid in their children's toys. That's important to discerning consumers who want to be careful about what they put in their body, whether it be organic foods, or otherwise.

"If I'm gonna be as concerned about how  some animals are raised for food at a farm I am gonna be just as concerned about what I put in my private bits," said Lombard.

So go ahead and do it, for the environment.

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