San Francisco

Gunman Fires Shots into Crowded SF Bar During Super Bowl Watch Party

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Gunfire sent 49ers fans scrambling out of a packed Super Bowl watch party at a popular San Francisco sports bar at the end of the game Sunday night.

The suspect was kicked out of Polo Grounds Pub and Grill but returned minutes later, pushed his way back in and opened fire.

The man, who’s in the hospital, fled the scene before crashing his maroon SUV into a streetlight pole just a block away on 4th Street.

Fortunately, nobody was hit by any of the bullets.

The suspect also sideswiped a grey Toyota just before the collision, but nobody in the vehicle was hurt, according to police.  

Bartender Michael Bowens said he was inside when he heard two or three shots in the bar. He said the suspect then ran back outside and fired at least two more shots, one of them through a window, as he drove away.

“It could have been a lot worse, with something like that, with six shots fired just randomly,” said Bowens. “It could have ricocheted and hit anybody. I think everybody is just kind of lucky in the sense nobody was hurt.”

Police recovered a gun near the crash scene where they arrested the suspect before he was transported to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

A customer at an Indian restaurant next door to the bar said that everyone in the business ran to the kitchen for cover when the shots rang out.

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