Here’s How You Can Monitor Levels at South Bay Creeks, Reservoirs

The Santa Clara Valley Water District wants to make sure everyone knows about an online program that allows people to monitor creek and reservoir levels in real time.

The program links residents with the agency's water flow gauges so they can see exactly what the engineers are seeing.

As the already saturated Bay Area braces for another round of wet weather this week, several areas are being blocked off or closely monitored.

In San Jose's Hellyer Park, rangers are blocking the road to several picnic areas because the Coyote Creek is roaring and rising at the center of the park. The water coming into the area is mainly from an outlet pipe at nearby Anderson Dam.

A planned water release means 180,000 gallons per minute are rushing into Coyote Creek.

Giving residents access to real-time creek and reservoir levels is part of a project that originated from lessons learned after the floods of 2017 -- finger-pointing ensued, and lack of communication between agencies was alleged.

For more information, visit the Santa Clara Valley Water District website.

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