@HiddenCash Back in SF With “Bubble Blower” Drops at Crissy Field

Hidden Cash asked people to "pay it forward" if they end up finding the cash.

@HiddenCash was at the beach Sunday making at least 14 cash drops.

After tweeting out a few vague clues that included ice cream cones, bubbles, blue people and a palace, he finally gave away the specific location: Crissy Field.

A report by NBC Bay Area's Investigative Unit last week detailed the past of the man behind @HiddenCash. He is San Francisco real investor Jason Buzi.

Buzi's recent antics of hiding cash in major U.S. cities has sparked a media frenzy, launched international headlines and gained him nearly half a million Twitter followers. It has also raised questions about his past, which includes a history of cash-giveaways, online money-making-attempts and controversial real-estate deals.

But throughout the Hidden Cash craze that has swept the nation over the past few weeks, Buzi has maintained that his scavenger hunt for cash is "a fun way to give."

On Sunday, Hidden Cash was having plenty of fun, keeping beachgoers at Crissy Field busy by hiding wads of bills in colorful bubble blowers.

By 11 a.m., eight people had found cash, tweeting out pictures of their find and promising to "pay it forward."

@HiddenCash later tweeted that it is expanding and a new schedule will be announced Monday.

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