How You Can Help Mendocino and Lake Counties Recover From Fire

Mendocino and Lake Counties are struggling to recover from the spate of wildfires that wreaked havoc on Northern California, scorching more than 250,000 acres and leaving thousands displaced. 

Below is some information on how you can help families and organizations in Mendocino and Lake counties who were affected by the blaze. For a list of fire relief resources for other counties, click here. 


Disaster Fund for Mendocino County: This nonprofit will help with the short-term repercussions of the Redwood and Potter

Mendocino Coast Children’s Fund: This nonprofit is staffed by volunteers and will be working to help meet the immediate needs of the families who have been evacuated. Some of their youngest volunteers are children, who have started lemonade stands to help donate to fire relief funds. 

Donate to the Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department: This volunteer organization helps fire crews battle flames and provides extra assistance in emergency situations. Find out more information here

Community Center of Mendocino: A staffer at the community center lost everything in the Redwood Valley Fire, including tools needed to sustain a carpentry business and clothing belonging to a 13-year-old girl. The organization posted an open call for donations on its Facebook page, asking people to bring tools or clothing to the Mendo Video in Mendocino. 

Disaster release for Vinters: In some cases, wine merchants lost not only their home but also their business. To sign up to provide short-term help, fill out this form: Information will be shared with members of the Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino wine growing and vintner associations. 

Mendocino County Animal Shelter: Shelters across Northern California are boarding dogs that may have run off or gotten separated from their family when the fires erupted. The Mendocino County animal shelter is posting photos of the dogs in their center. You can share the posts, and the shelter also accepts donations.


United Way of the Wine Country: The nonprofit is helping Humboldt, Lake, Mendocino and Sonoma Counties with recovery efforts. Find out more here.

North Coast Opportunities: North Coast Opportunities has two donation pages; one is exclusively for Lake County relief efforts, while the other is for victims of the Mendocino Complex Fire. Find out more here.

Lake County Animal Shelter: The Shelter has unclaimed animals that may have been displaced by the Sulpher Fire. You can share the posts to help spread the word, and the shelter also accepts donations.  

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